While some people just need a holiday to relax, there are others that really want to get under the skin of a destination. Whatever your goals for your next trip away, hiring a car in Uganda will help you achieve them. You’ll find it leads to more freedom and less stress, making wonderful memories with you and your loved ones.
Don’t believe us? Then read on…

Get off the beaten track

When you rely on public transport, you can only go where the bus or matatu  (taxi) takes you. This means there are whole areas of a destination you don’t get to visit because the bus companies have decided they won’t interest you. With a Uganda car hire, you can head to these places and decide for yourself on  a self drive safari in Uganda.


Follow that insider tip

Meeting people is one of the best things about travelling in Uganda and it’s always worth taking note of the tips fellow travellers offer up. Being able to change your plans and set off in search of a fantastic experience is a sign of a pro traveller. This is made all the easier if you have your own transport.

Be spontaneous

Ever been on a fixed travel plan and seen a little country lane meandering off the main road and wondered where it leads to? Now you don’t have to. With your own set of wheels, you can set off down that lane and find out exactly what lies at the end. Perhaps it’s a farm selling local cheese. Maybe there is a stunning view. It could lead to nowhere, but it’s great to have the power to find out.

Ability to get lost

Getting lost is a great way to explore a place and have genuinely authentic experiences. The problem can lie when you’ve had enough adventure for the day and are keen to head back to your hotel or villa. With your car, you can simply pop the co-ordinates into your GPS and suddenly find you’re no longer lost.

Pack a picnic

Not everywhere you go will have great lunch options, which can make the logistics of the day a bit harder. Pick up some local produce and throw it in the car, ready for when you and the rest of the family get hungry. You don’t even need to think about carrying it around with you all day.

For that perfect sunset shot

One thing that pro travellers know is that grabbing a perfect picture is priceless. The opportunity can come at the most unexpected of times, which can often mean you’re not ready for it. Keep your camera or smartphone to hand and pull over to snap that sunset just as the colours are at their brightest. Capture that idyllic countryside scene or the view from a mountain road.

Save time, money and hassle

You only have a finite amount of time, money and patience during your African holiday and hiring a car in Uganda will help you to maximise all of them. Get to where you want to be quickly and comfortably, don’t fork out for transport tickets all the time and enjoy the feeling of being able to relax safe in the knowledge that you can hop in your car and go.

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