The Kazinga Channel Wildlife Sanctuary in Queen Elizabeth National Park

This spectacular and wonder is one of the best spot for Uganda wildlife safaris and birding tours with a variety of resident species. The Kazinga Channel Wildlife Sanctuary is a sub section of the diverse Queen Elizabeth National Park that possesses a high level of uniqueness because of the countless fauna and species of birds that characterize the shores of this western area of the park.

Though it is seen as small and just a thread on the map, it is more than imagined with an approximate of 40km distance bridging Lake George and Lake Albert in the west of the country.

The sanctuary’s waters and shores are delighted for Uganda safari tours guests due to its many species of the birds, mammals, reptiles and invertebrates that reside here. Kazinga Channel wildlife sanctuary is more famous for inhabiting Queen Elizabeth National Park’s biggest number of hippopotamus which actually is one of the world’s hugest populations of this gigantic water-dweller species. Tourists can be certain enough to count as many heads of hippos as possible.

The sanctuary waters harbor one of Uganda’s populations of the vicious crocodiles; and its waters are a drinking point for the warthogs that do wallow around, cape buffaloes and antelopes. The African Elephants are also sighted having a cleanup in the sanctuary waters making the channel a magical wildlife safari destination.

Bird watching at Kazinga channel is a must as the sanctuary has a variety of bird species to sight. The sanctuary is acclaimed as an important birding site because of its ability to house the biggest number of bird species. Some of the birds to that can be sighted include pelicans, water ducks with their cute naïve ducklings and the celebrity crown cranes and all these are just visible if a tourist take a boat ride around the sanctuary channel on a tour in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

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