The 5 Days tour to Karamojong region enables you to explore the authentic tribes of the Karamoja also known as the Masaai of Uganda and Ik people who are referred to as the people of the mountains. The safari explores the vast and diverse magnificent Kidepo Valley National Park which borders South Sudan in the north and Kenya to the east.

Day 1: Drive to Karamoja via Mbale through Soroti

After and early breakfast, our driver will pick you then drive towards Jinja town through Mabira forest, continue to Jinja passing the Owen Falls Dam on the Nile river proceeding to Mbale town. We will have a short view of mountain Elgon, and then set off for north west of Mbale town to Moroto through Soroti. Arrive in the Moroto in the late Afternoon. Overnight and Dinner at your hotel/lodge.

Day 2: Whole day cultural tour to the Pastoralist Karimojong & Turkana

After breakfast, you embark on the whole day tour of the Pastoralist Karimojong who are re-known nomadic herdsmen that have lived a transhumance in the sub region of Karamoja for years past. They keep herds of Cattle, live in Manyatta and are now transforming from moving naked to dressing up. They have great heritage that surrounds the practice of cattle keeping. You learn to do traditional hand milking, learn how they use milk and its products to survive; the significance of cattle to them, how they are transiting from nomadism to settled farming, their entertainment modes among other aspects. Also visit the nearby Kraals and Kobebe Dam where the Turkana from Kenya settled. Overnight and Dinner at your hotel/lodge.

Day 3: Explore the Indigenous Ik people in the Morungole Mountains

Embark on the hike to the Mountains of Morungole where the ancient indigenous Ik thrive is a rewarding day that incorporates culture and sightseeing experience. The impressive flat landscapes of Kidepo plains are pardoned by series of hills and mountains that also mark the area among which include Mount Morungole presenting an impressive landscape that offers magical scenic views. The indigenous Ik people have maintained their traditions and their remote living have sheltered them from the wind of globalization thus presenting an authentic touch of an African culture. Explore their way of life, their religions, family bonds, marriage practices, architecture and other cultural aspects that are worth understanding. Do remember that this is an 8 hour hike up and down the Mountain, not an easy feat for most. You retreat from the encounter and transfer back to the lodge for relaxation, dinner and overnight at your hotel/lodge.

Day 4: Morning Game Drive and Evening Game Drive

This morning you’ll meet up with your guide and head off to the Kidepo Valley National Park. The drive will be about 2 to 3 hours. Accompanied by an experience tracker-guide, on an exciting game viewing adventure, you will search for lions, cheetahs and leopards.  Return to the lodge relax at Apoka Lodge. After lunch proceed for an afternoon game drive. About 77 different kinds of mammals are found here, 28 of which are found nowhere else in Uganda.  Tree Climbing lions are found here during the day as they tend to roam at night, Herds of Elephants, Buffaloes, Giraffes, 5 kinds of primates, bat-eared fox, striped hyena, aardwolf, caracal, cheetah and hunting dog, eland, bush buck, bush duskier, defassa water buck, bohor reed buck, Jackson’s hartebeest and oribi. Dinner and overnight at your hotel/lodge.

Day 5: Depart for Entebbe

Early morning breakfast, depart in the morning after having breakfast to Kampala city with stopover for lunch break on route arriving in Kampala in the evening.

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