Jinja is famously known as the Adventure Capital of East Africa for her long list of adrenaline activities that include White water rafting, kayaking, bungee jumping, quad biking, horseback riding, standup paddling (SUP)among others.

The source of the Nile river; the longest river in the world is found in Jinja and on its way to the Mediterranean sea, it encounters rocky paths which creates up-to fifth grade rapids making Uganda’s River Nile one of the best rafting destination in the world.

Apart from the adventuresome activities in Jinja, the city is also blessed with rich history and culture to explore on your Uganda safari tour. The top attractions not to miss-out on your tour to Jinja include not limited to;

Source of the NileThe Source of the second longest river in the world, marketed as a discovery of one of the first European explorer, is an internationally unique attraction.

Itanda Falls. The Itanda Falls are also found on the Nile, 18 kilometers north-west of Jinja town. The falls offer opportunity for bird watching (especially the weaver birds), camping and picnic outings.

Kyabirwa FallsLocated 8 kilometers from Jinja, the falls offer a good scenery and landscape for campsites that is not yet fully exploited. Potential also exists for bird watching and Ethnobotany.

Lake Victoria Beaches. The lake’s beaches have been partially exploited for location of tourism developments, especially hotels. These beaches include the sites at Sailing Club, Tilapia Club and Masese. Besides the scenery, the lake can be exploited for water sports, which would attract the domestic, foreign resident and foreign non-resident tourists.

Islands in Lake VictoriaThese include Samuka, Ndaiga, LwabitookeI and LwabitookeII. Apart from Samuka, the rest of the Islands have not been exploited for tourism purposes despite the existing potential. The existing potential includes boat racing, sport fishing, over-night camping, day excursions and various water sports.

SportsSports facilities, especially the out-standing Jinja golf pitch and the Bugembe Stadium, offer opportunity for attracting international and national tournaments, whose participants are over-night visitors.

Community market visitsJinja main market and several other markets operating on various days are a potential attraction particularly to foreign tourists

Antiquities / Historical sitesA number of historical sites exist in Jinja district. These are: Bujagali ancestral site, for Soga tribe ancestral spirits, at Bujagali falls; the current Busoga King’s palace at Nakabango; Mpumudde hill, the historical meeting place of the Busoga chiefs and the
British colonial Governors. Mpumudde is also the place where King Kabalega, of the
Bunyoro Kingdom died.

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