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Nearly 3 weeks ago

Get An Up-close Encounter With Chimpanzees in Uganda

Chimpanzees are our closest relatives. Natural habitat of these primates is Africa and most of them can be found in the rainforest, grassland and

Nearly 1 month ago

Perfect Uganda Honeymoon Holiday On Ssese Islands Beaches

Beach destinations still rank at the top when planning a honeymoon, so why not consider Uganda. The idea of lazy days on the beach, swimming

Nearly 2 months ago

Hiking the Volcanic Mount Sabinyo in the Virunga Ranges

Climbing Mountain Sabinyo in Mgahinga Gorilla National Par – A Mountain Gorilla Haven This three-in-one ever virgin topped mountain is at an elevation of

Nearly 2 months ago

Ngamba Island is an Ultimate Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Uganda

Wonders about wildlife safaris in Uganda do not end. Ngamba island chimpanzee sanctuary gives you a lifetime experience. The Chimpanzee sanctuary and wildlife conservation

Nearly 3 months ago

Kazinga Channel Wildlife Sanctuary is a True African Wilderness

The Kazinga Channel Wildlife Sanctuary in Queen Elizabeth National Park This spectacular and wonder is one of the best spot for Uganda wildlife safaris

Nearly 3 months ago

KIBALE FOREST NATIONAL PARK – The Primates Capital of the World

Kibale National Park | Chimpanzee Trekking Safari in Uganda This primate capital of the world is found in Fort Portal region in true tropical

Nearly 3 months ago

Explore Ajai Wildlife Reserve in Northern Uganda On A Uganda Safari | Wildlife Safaris & Tours

The Ajai wildlife reserve is a small wildlife reserve with about 16,600 hectares of land located on the western bank of the white Nile

Nearly 3 months ago

Uganda Hot Air Balloon Wildlife Safari in Queen Elizabeth National Park | Uganda Wildlife Tours

Watch what it feels like to see Uganda wildlife wake up from a long night of rest, watch one of the most amazing sunrises

Nearly 3 months ago

How Uganda Car Hire Can Turn You Into A Pro Traveller | Cheap Car Rental Uganda

While some people just need a holiday to relax, there are others that really want to get under the skin of a destination. Whatever

Nearly 3 months ago

Lake Bunyonyi in Western Uganda is a World’s Natural Wonder – Uganda Safaris & Tours

Lake Bunyonyi ought to be considered one of the natural wonders of the world and, now that I’ve seen it before my own eyes,