3Days Western Uganda Culture Tour

The western region is a region flowing with milk and honey because of its rich tribal cultures that consists of Bakonjo/Bamba, Batooro, Banyankole, Bakiga, Bafumbira, Batwa, Bachwezi among others.
The Batooro and Banyoro have a centralized system of government headed by the Omukama. Initially, Tooro was part of Bunyoro, but later broke away. The first King was Kaboyo Kasusunkwazithe actual founder of the Kingdom and currently headed by the World's youngest cultural leader Omukama (King) Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV.
Marriage and Family Life
Ankole in the west is the most popular tribe in terms of prestige and population. The King owned all the cattle and theoretically owned all women. Hima fathers were anxious to call attention to their daughters because the King gave generous wedding gifts. Slim girls were unfit for royalty so those girls whom the King found to be of interest to marry one of his sons were forced-fed on milk.
Traditional Dances
Entogoro: Entogoro is danced by Batooro and Banyoro of western Uganda. The dances takes its name form the pod rattle (locally known as ebinyege) that the boys tie on their lets to make different rhythms as they dance.
Ekitagururo: This is characterized by energetic stamping and tangling rhythms using the feet and aerial arm movements; it is performed by both Banyankole and Bakiga in the South-western region.
Eshabwe: A traditional Banyankole dish comprising of ghee, skimmed from milk. This is usually eaten with Akaro. It is a meal one would certainly get acquainted with on a visit to the western parts of Uganda. Other dishes include: Akaro and Firinda.END OF SAFARI

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