5Days Gorilla Tracking and Cultural Tour

This 5 days safari offers an ultimate opportunity to encounter the rare and endangered Mountain Gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, understand the way of life of the Bakiga and the Batwa (Pygmies) heritage trail in Mgahinga.

Day 1: Transfer to Bwindi
This amazing gorilla adventure is to last you three days. Today, you will be picked up from either the airport/ hotel depending on your location. That’s where you will start from and embark on a 7hour journey which covers a distance of 472.7km from Kampala city to the great Bwindi impenetrable forest. You will stop at the Igongo cultural centre for lunch and tour the Erijukiro (museum). From here, you will be driven straight to your lodge that might either be the Crested Crane Bwindi lodge or Sanctuary Gorilla forest camp where you will have dinner and spend the night.
Day 2: Tracking Mountain Gorillas and the Bakiga Performances
This is a great day that will mark your re-union with the rare mountain gorillas. You gather at the respective park headquarters for briefing in the morning at 8am where you are also allocated the respective gorilla families to track. From here, you head to the forest in the company of the armed ranger guides that will lead you up the gorillas. The walk is beyond the ordinary as it involves traversing the dense jungle whose thickness would at some points necessitate using a machete to make a path, hiking the challenging landscapes some of which are steep and slippery at times under the canopy of the mature forest which forms darkness even during the day. You are treated to the impressive bird songs and beautiful flowers through the experience. The encounter tends to take 2-8 hours depending on the gorilla movements and one hour is availed to you to have a direct touch with the gorillas. Upon approaching gorillas, their reaction is not predictable as it can include them giving you a courteous welcome, minding less about you and charging against you. However, as a result of habituation, Mountain gorillas are always welcoming with the Silver back beating a little of his chest to demonstrate his might and also welcoming to you to the group. The young gorillas are very playful and are at times not aware of the 7m rule thus can try to draw closer to even touching on your body – save it by taking some steps away to observe the distance. You are not limited in any way to ask as many questions about gorillas and their habitats along with taking pictures so long as you have the opportunity to do so. After your one hour with the gorillas, return to the starting point and connect to the accommodation facility for relaxation. In the evening, chilling at your accommodation grounds you are treated to a traditional thrill performance of the local the Bakiga that live around the park. They have magical songs and dancing styles which definitely make your evening colorful. Dinner and Overnight at your selected accommodation.
Day 3: Visit the Nyundo Community
After breakfast, start on the traditional trail at Nyundo Valley Hill with a botanical trail through the different tree species with their medical values. Proceed to the local ghee processing, bee-keeping with banana and coffee plantations. Lunch at Crested Crane Bwindi Hotel and later go for a hike to the falls on the boarder with Democratic Republic of Congo. Dinner and Overnight at your selected accommodation.
Day 4: The Batwa Heritage Trail
After breakfast, transfer to Mgahinga for the Batwa Heritage trail exploration. You connect to Mgahinga Park headquarters Ntebeko and get briefed before starting the trek to the forest following the Batwa trail in the company of Batwa guides detailing their great heritage embedded in their ancient home. You learn their wild honey harvesting means, the traditional medical plants, the tree houses, the hunting techniques, the edible roots and plants before arriving at Garama Cave which was the central place for their converging while still in the forest. The Batwa chief used to reside here. At cave, the Batwa women will treat you to impressive performances including their ancient songs. It is a moment of wonder and deep exploration into the Batwa culture that is at stake of fading away. The Batwa trail takes 6-7 hours after which you retire for relaxation at your lodge, dinner and overnight.
Day 5: Transfer to Kampala
After breakfast, drive back to Kampala or Entebbe for your flight back home. Have lunch in Mbarara town and refreshment.
End of Safari

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